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云城的政治诗之二 - 清明节
云城的政治诗之二 - 清明节
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Religion Under Siege?
ISBN:   9789834092245
Author:   Edited by Nathaniel Tan & John Lee
Publisher:   Kinibooks
Year:   2008
Number of page:   222
Delivery:   Next day shipping
Price: RM26.00

Malaysia’s diversity of religion is at once both a treasured resource and a powder keg for conflict.

This book traces key recent events in Malaysia that have become lightning rods for contention over the freedom of religion in Malaysia.

The conversion of Lina Joy/ Azalina Jailani and the question of whether Malaysia is an Islamic State is tackled head on, as are issues such as the Moorthy burial debate and the demolition of places of worship.

Perhaps for the first time, the entire spectrum of opinion and passions with regards to religion in Malaysia has been gathered in one book.

Contributors range from fundamentalist conservatives to liberal progressives and, most importantly, the majority that lies in between.

The picture that they paint together reflect the true breadth and width of feelings surrounding the relationship between Malaysians, their faiths, and the faiths of their neighbours.

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