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老板上街了! ( 428黄绿大集会纪事 )
老板上街了! ( 428黄绿大集会纪事 )
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Even My Pen Has A Stand!
ISBN:   9789671004418
Author:   Zunar
Publisher:   Kinibooks
Year:   2011
Number of page:   104
Delivery:   Next day shipping
Price: RM25.00

What they say ...

Zunar's cartoons are exactly what they should be, funny, well drawn and politically brave and powerful. I wish more cartoonists had the courage he has.

-Dr. Robert Russell (Executive Director of Cartoonists Rights Network International)

when I first met Zunar in 1993, he was much younger, but no less aggressive in his efforts to keep the powers-to-be in line. Over the years, he has continued to fight the brave and often lonely battle against deceit, corruption, and malaise in Malaysian government and corporate circles. His cartoons are skillfully crafted, well-researched, and on the mark, full of delicious subtlety and caricature.

-Professor John A. Lent (Temple University, Philadelphia), cartoon critique, writer

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