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Old vs New Politics in Malaysia: State and Society in Transition

The central argument in this volume of 27 essays on Malaysian politics and society, is that there exists a conflict between the BN's Old Politics which is essentially ethnic-based and characterized by money politics, coercive laws and other restrictions, and New Politics which demands more democratic participation and social justice, accountability and transparency, and is more multi-ethnic in orientation. The NGOs, new media, Reformasi and the results of the 2008 general elections mark the arrival of this New Politics. Between the Old and the New lies a Politics of Developmentalism which also helps to explain why many people continue to support the BN. But developmentalism also underscores the relatively non-violent transition to a two-coalition political system in Malaysia.

The author is professor of politics in Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang) and secretary of Aliran. He has published several books on Malaysian politics and writes regularly for Aliran Monthly where most of the essays were first published.


    New Release (English)  

Arrested Reform: The Undoing of Abdullah Badawi

This is Ooi Kee Beng's third collection of commentaries on Abdullah Badawi's five years in power. The first (Era of Transition: Malaysia after Mahathir, 2006 ISEAS) described a hopeful period following Mahathir's retirement, while the second (Lost in Transition: Malaysia under Abdullah, 2008 ISEAS & SIRD) argued that Abdullah's administration had gone astray, and had lost contact with the aspirations of the common Malaysian.

The forty-odd opinion pieces included in this third volume were written between November 2007, when the Hindraf demonstration took place, and December 2008, when Abdullah pushed through his swan-song reform Bills. These commentaries do not only collectively illustrate the downfall of Abdullah Badawi, but demonstrate how voters punished the country's leaders for supposing that the fortune of the country did not extend beyond the fate and fortune of the dominant party, UMNO, and its allies.

After suffering its worst electoral results ever on March 8, 2008, the ruling coalition now has difficulty deciding the pace and the extent of political change in Malaysia.


Malaysian Chinese and Nation-Building : Before Merdeka and Fifty Years After (Volume 2) Taking Southeast Asia to Market: Commodities, Nature, and People in the Neoliberal Age Our Thoughts Are Free: Poems and Prose on Imprisonment and Exile Wanted : Equality & Justice in the Muslim Family


Transforming Debts into Cash Flow      
  Dakwah Corner Bookstore Special

Most Common Questions Asked by Non Muslims

- Why is a man allowed to have more than one wife in Islam? i.e. why is polygamy allowed in Islam?

- If a man is allowed to have more than one wife, then why does Islam prohibit a woman from having more than one husband?

- Why does Islam degrade women by keeping them behind the veil?

- How can Islam be called the religion of peace when it was spread by the sword?

- Why are most of the Muslims fundamentalists and terrorists?

- Killing an animal is a ruthless act. Why then do Muslims consume non-vegetarian food?

- Why do Muslims slaughter the animal in a ruthless manner by touturing it and slowly and painfully killing it?


The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed, His Life & Campaigns The Possession of Izzan A Commentary on Ibn Taymiyyah's Essay on The Heart A Guide to Family Happiness
Hell: A Vision Within The Day of Wrath: Is the Intifadha of Rajab only the Beginning?    
New Release (Chinese)


New Release (BM)

Rudra Avatara: Kumpulan Cerpen Bahasa Malaysia

Kumpulan Cerpen Rudra Avatara menyajikan sebelas buah cerpen yang pernah tersiar dalam pelbagai media cetak sejak lebih sepuluh tahun lalu. Seperti biasa, kesemua cerpen ini sesuai dibaca oleh mana-mana individu yang mahu supaya fikirannya dicabar melalui unsur intertekstual dan makna yang tersirat di sebalik makna tersurat.

Segala persamaan dengan realiti adalah disengajakan

Dua Lauk - Fiksi Popkon dari Zon Imaginasi Terlarang Gaza Menangis: Menulusuri Sejarah Perjuangan Palestin dan Pembantaian di Gaza Tokoh-Tokoh Gerakan Islam Abad Moden  
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