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The Politics of Hunger: When Policies and Markets Fail the Poor

"The Politics of Hunger: When Policies and Markets Fail the Poor", exposes the real issues and structural causes that initiated and aggravated the global food crisis and the continued hunger and malnutrition. The book provides an overview of the same policies: the speedy conclusion of the WTO Doha negotiations and support for corporate agriculture.

While these policies have benefited the corporations, the real losers are the small food producers i.e. the peasants, rural women, agricultural workers, indigenous people, pastoralists and the fisherfolk who continue suffer increasing hunger and poverty as well as loss of livelihoods and displacement.


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Freedom Film Fest 2009 Suara Asli Tanah Asli SEAPCP Art of C.O.
Citizens' Education for Good Governanc Walking On Water Kartun Kisah Pemetaan
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Kitab Pengetahuan Hantu Malaysia

Kitab Pengetahuan Hantu Malaysia mengupas beberapa persoalan yang selama ini tak berani ditanya. Kenapa wanita-wanita yang kematian suami lebih menyenangi kehadiran Hantu Raya? Bagaimana cara untuk menangkap kepala yang berterbangan bersama-sama dengan usus-ususnya? Apakah yang harus kamu lakukan jika kamu mendengar bunyi 'kak-kak-kak-kak-kak' di tengah malam? Terokai asal-usul, sifat-sifat dan tumit-tumit Achilles roh-roh pelbagai bangsa yang menghantui Malaysia.
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The Malay Dilemma The Asian Renaissance Malaya's First Year at the United Nations: As Reflected in Dr Ismail's Reports Home to Tunku Abdul Rahman March 8: Eclipsing May 13


Pangazou: The Epic Adventures of Bihangan and Somboi The Cries of Sabah In Pursuit of Fair Play: Reminiscences of a Malaysian Trade Unionist Re-imagining Marriage and Family in Asia: Asian Christian Women's Perspectives
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