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Even Madder About Malaysia

I just want to record my appreciation of Dean Johns whose acerbic political commentary on Malaysiakini has always been spot on and a fabulous chuckle too. Johns certainly puts his highly developed skills as a wordsmith to good use by lacing his insights with ebullient wit. As an Aussie married to a Malaysian he has the neutral perspective of an outsider coupled with a profound affection for his adoptive country that comes shining through his columns.


Dean Johns is Australian former ad nomad Dean Johns has lived and worked as a gweilo in Hong Kong, a gora in India, a farang in Thailand, a bule in Indonesia, has also done a good deal of what he calls "asing around" in Malaysia, and is currently based in Sydney.


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The Memoirs of Abdullah C.D. (Part One) The Movement until 1948 Hamas: A Beginner's Guide Critical States: Environmental Challenges to Development in Monsoon Southeast Asia Lost Times and Untold Tales From the Malay World


Pedra Branca: The Road to the World Court Rasa Rasa Penang Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 2)  
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