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Winning Strategies of Anwar Ibrahim

This book is an objective analysis of the strategies and meticulous planning employed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim which enabled the opposition to win five states and 82 parliamentary constituencies at the recent 12th general elections, thereby denying the ruling Barisan Nasional its two thirds majority in parliament. The author focuses on the details of the strategies planned by Anwar Ibrahim months before the general elections and how he successfully implemented them. The issues which were capitalized upon by Anwar Ibrahim and the factors that helped and propelled him to achieve his historic success are also discussed. Interesting theories and explanations are provided as to how the once indomitable Barisan Nasional was weakened over the years to be defeated so badly at the 2008 polls.

The book also traces the activities of Anwar Ibrahim from the time he was a student leader, his meteoric rise in UMNO and the government, as well as his relentless fight from within the prison walls to re-emerge on the political scene with even more pomp and glory. Read more...


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Beyond the Veneer: Malaysia's Struggle for Dignity and Direction

The 2008 elections in Malaysia saw the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, suffer its worst showing since independence, balancing political power and bringing hope of a more progressive, democratic future. No one expected such a show of support for the untested opposition and a show of dissent against Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s entrenched coalition government.. Read more...


The Malaysian Indians: History, Problems and Future

The Malaysian Indians comes at an important juncture in the history of this significant minority group in Malaysia. Written several years before the Hindraf rallies of 2007, this book is a much-needed introduction to the Indians of Malaysia.
It is a balanced,scholarly yet highly readable account of the origins.. .Read more...

The Malaysian Indians: Looking Forward

Elarti: Penulisan Suara Baru Kontemporari

Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya: Negotiating Urban Space in Malaysia

Chinese among Others: Emigration in Modern Times

Blogging and Democratization in Malaysia: A New Civil Society in the Making

Membina & Meruntuh Malaysia: Sebuah Imbasan Orang Dalam Tentang UMNO, Razak dan Mahathir

Representation, Identity and Multiculturalism in Sarawak (Hardback edition)

Representation, Identity and Multiculturalism in Sarawak (Paperpack edition)
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